Remote Assistance

Let’s Begin Work on Your Issue Immediately!

Remote Assistance is designed to provide you with an online means for collaboration with our technicians on your urgent issues. The service is very useful in cases where you’re approaching a tight deadline or prefer to begin work with us immediately without the need to wait for us to come on site. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate to us the behavior directly on your machine and in your own environment where our technicians will guide you step-by-step through diagnosing and attempting to resolve the issue or remotely control your computer to resolve the issue for you.

How does Express Remote Assistance differ from Technical Consulting Hours?

Express Remote Assistance covers the same scope of questions as our technical support, but it allows you to get immediate help from our senior support engineers and work on your questions quickly, directly in your environment. It is intended to save you time and help you meet tight deadlines. Addressing the issue directly in your environment instead of exchanging many e-mails can lead to faster, easier and more accurate approach to engaging your case. Technical Consulting Hours are intended for more architectural discussions and custom implementations that fall outside of the scope of our technical support. They need to be scheduled in advance.